200kg / Layer, 800kg Total
shelf with 200kg capacity

4 Layers -Steel Shelves Shelf

  • 1.07mL*400D*1.8m/2mH $120
  • 1.07mL*500D*1.8m/2mH $125
  • 1.07mL*600D*1.8m/2mH $130
  • 1.5mL* 400D*1.8m/2mH $135
  • 1.5mL* 500D*1.8m/2mH $140
  • 1.5mL* 600D*1.8m/2mH $145
  • 2mL* 400D* 1.8m/2mH $150
  • 2mL* 500D* 1.8m/2mH $155
  • 2mL* 600D* 1.8m/2mH $158
  • 2000L * 600D * 2400 H $178
  • 2000L * 600D * 2700 H $198
  • 2400L * 600D * 2000 H $218
  • 2400L * 600D * 2400 H $238
  • 2400L * 600D * 2700 H $258
Work Bench 300kg/Layer
shelf with 300kg capacity
2 Layers - Work Bench
  • 1070 L * 600 D * 900 H $80
  • 1500 L * 600 D * 900 H $90
  • 2000 L * 600 D * 900 H $100

Heavy duty 500kg WorkBench with Timber layers

  • 1400 L * 650 D * 900 H $158
  • 2000 L * 650 D * 900 H $198
  • 500KG per layer
    Styles Fence

    Price for 4 layers, total 2000kg

    2000 L * 600 D * 2000 H $258

    2000 L * 600 D * 2400 H $288

  • 3T / layer PALLET RACKING
    Pool Fencing

    2.6m(L) Beam $55 each

    3.6m(H) Upright $115 each

    4.8m(H) Upright $150 each

    2.6m x 0.89m Mesh with support $200

  • 200KG / layer Black Shelf
    Slat Fencing

    2000 H * 600 W * 2000mm D $160


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