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Providing privacy, security and style, slat fencing is the number one choice for homeowners Australia wide. Here at Bens Wholesale, we specialise in all forms of slat fencing in Melbourne, including aluminium, 3D blade, and vertical fencing options.

Aluminium fencing remains one of our most popular options, being lightweight, long-lasting and requiring only minimal maintenance. It is also one of the most affordable types of fencing, ideal for those looking to save money while still receiving reliable, long-lasting fencing solutions.

We pride ourselves on being a premium supplier and distributor, meaning that we only provide high-quality fencing solutions that are built to stand the test of time. Through our unbeatable craftsmanship, professionalism and attention to detail, we can provide you with slat fencing that is durable and strong.

Privacy Screens and More

One of the reasons why slat fencing remains so popular is its incredible versatility. Whether you need a privacy screening that covers your carport or garage or fencing for your front yard, slat fencing can provide a solution to all of your problems.

Cost-effective and built to withstand the harsh Australian climate, all of our slat fences are naturally corrosion resistant and come in a variety of styles and colours to suit your needs. Our range of slat fencing options means that you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for, all at factory-direct prices.

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Horizontal  with 65mm x 16mm slats
Slats available length : 1.5mL, 1.8mL, 2mL, 2.4mL, 2.62mL, 4.8mL

Color: Black, Monument, Wood look


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0.9mH, 1.2mH, 1.5mH, 1.8mH
Slats size:50x10mm and 65x16mm

panel size any length and 0.9mH, 1.2mH, 1.5mH, 1.8mH

Color : Black (Other color need to powder coating)

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Our Slat Aluminum fencing Series provides the latest architectural style, combined with a unique installation system, making any work easy.

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Fencing with 65mm x 16mm slats

Can do any length and any hieght

Color: Black, Monument

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Fencing with 65mm x 16mm slats
1.2mH, 1.5mH, 1.8mH with any Length

Color: Black, Monument (Other color need to powder coating)

Louver Fencing & Gate


Fencing with 65mm x 16mm slats
1.2mH, 1.5mH, 1.8mH, 2mH, 2.4mH with any Length

Color: Black, Monument, Woodlook (Other color need to powder coating)

Horizontal slats Melbourne

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As well as our state of the art slat fencing, at Bens Wholesale we also provide a range of other services in Melbourne including:

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