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At Bens Wholesale we offer the best range of premium quality gates in Melbourne. Our gates seamlessly combine style and functionality to give the front of your home the perfect finishing touch.

Whether you’re looking for aluminium gates, driveway gates, sliding gates, electric gates or automatic gates, we can help. From single gates to double swing gates, Bens Wholesale has the products you need.

Our team will help you find the perfect gate system to suit your home and enhance security and convenience. Our remote control sliding gating systems allow you to safely be in the car in harsh Australian weather. Made from high-quality, durable materials and available in a number of striking colours and designs, we will work with you to create a gate design tailored to your requirements.  The sliding gates protect the kids and children safely from the boundary and from the main road. Bens Wholesale is your custom sliding gate automation specialist servicing the residential and commercial sectors for years. Our automated gating system is affordable yet stylish and secure.

Whether you’re looking for residential gates for your home or heavy duty commercial security gates for your business, we can help. To find out what Bens Wholesale can do for you, give us a call today.

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If you’re looking for premium quality automatic gates, you’re in the right place. We are experts in supplying and installing automated electric gates for residential, commercial, industrial purposes.  At Bens Wholesale, we provide a wide range of electric and automatic gate systems and accessories. We offer a selection of gates in a range of styles, as well as all necessary equipment and systems including electric gate openers, sliding gate motors, swing gate motors, remote controls, rolling gate kits, tracks and wheels and more.

Bens Wholesale can supply and install just about any new automatic gate system. Simply tell us the functionality you need and the style you want, and we’ll get the job done. Automatic electric gates greatly enhance the functionality and appearance of any of the gates.  We also supply automatic sliding front gate opener kits, which feature a powerful motor to open and close gates weighing up to 1,200kg.

And when it comes to electric gate prices or automatic sliding gate prices, we won’t be beaten. We can create custom gate packages specifically suited to your requirements at the best prices in Melbourne.


Aluminum is an excellent choice for any sort of driveway gate due to its lighter weight and durability. This implies it can keep your property secure without being excessively heavy for the structure of your house. It can likewise be shaped into your selected plan a lot more easily, with our years of expertise and knowledge. For more information about our automatic driveway installation in Melbourne, contact us now.


Our professional contractors have years of knowledge and expertise in the installation of automatic gates in Melbourne.  Our installers are quick, efficient, offer timely delivery and customer focussed service.


Bens wholesale are the experts in the design and manufacture of custom Sliding Entry Gate solutions to suit any home, industrial or commercial project. We have a range of Double Entry Gate designs, styles, colours and sizes. We consider your architectural specification or design ideas and can tailor a solution to suit your project.


Our quality electric gates provide superior reliability and protection against thefts.


Our professional team is qualified, experienced and have several years of expertise in supplying and installing automated gates. Let’s talk about your project!

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Our driveway and sliding gates are handled safely. Our powder coated aluminium is very robust and durable; Though it is susceptible to scratching or denting during handling and transportation to the site. However, our team is highly experienced in carefully handling and packaging your order whilst ensuring your order is transported safely and securely and in perfect condition to the destined locations.


When you’re choosing an aluminium, electric driveway, sliding gate, you need something that’s sturdy and reliable while also being attractive and convenient. It should enhance the curb appeal of your home while also improving security.  Our powder coated aluminium makes our gates very robust, durable, rust resistant, shrink free, twist free and does not require maintenance.

At Bens Wholesale, we are a specialist supplier of premium quality electric driveway gates including electric and automatic gates, sliding gates, swing gates and more. As an expert fencing supplier, contractor and distributor, we can also handle all your installation requirements.

An entrance of a business, office, medical centre, school or home creates the first impression. Which makes it extremely essential that the driveway gates are installed by trustworthy and experienced professionals. We have years of experience in providing security and unique style with our automatic driveway gates installation. It is extremely easy to operate the domestic automatic driveway gates with a remote control and restrict access for your children and pets.

We offer a diverse range of sizes and styles in our collection of Driveway Gates. These driveway gates are pre-fabricated and readily available for immediate use. There is no waiting time for gate fabrication or powder coating. Our ready-made driveway gates and frames are constructed from sturdy metal, with every joint welded to ensure solid and reliable structural integrity. Additionally, the metal gate and fence panels are powder-coated for enhanced durability and a pleasing appearance.

Our driveway gates are powder coated making the finish to last for several years without needing you to re-paint. They are available in a range of colours including black and can be customised in any color.

Our driveway gates can be custom made to suit any size, specification, design, style to suit your requirements.

We also supply a range of other products including handrails and balustrades, security and screen doors, swimming pool fencing and more.

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For the gates you need at prices you can afford, call 0474 111 488 or contact us online. At Bens Wholesale, we aim to provide all of our customers with the best possible customer service and the best possible products. If you are looking for an extensive range of work benches, wrought iron fences, garage shelving, slat fencing, pool fencing services, give us a call today.