Garage Shelves

Pallet Racking Melbourne

4 Layers -Steel Shelves Shelf

200kg / Layer, 800kg Total

1.07mL *(400/500/600D) * (1.8m/2mH) $160
1.20mL * 600D * (1.8m/2mH) $170
1.5mL * (400/500/600D) * (1.8m/2mH) $180
1.75mL * (400/500/600D) * (1.8m/2mH) $190
2mL * (400/500/600D) * (1.8m/2mH) $200
1500L * 600D * 2400H $200
2000L * 600D * 2400 H $220
2000L * 600D * 2700 H $240
2400L * 600D * 2000 H $280
2400L * 600D * 2400 H $300
2400L * 600D * 2700 H $320

Work Bench

Work Bench 300kg/Layer

2 Layers – Work Bench

1070 L * 600 D * 900 H $90
1270 L * 600 D * 900 H $100
1500 L * 600 D * 900 H $110
1750 L * 600 D * 900 H $120
2000 L * 600 D * 900 H $130
2400 L * 600 D * 900 H $160

1070 L * 600 D * 900 H $130 (with wheels)
1270 L * 600 D * 900 H $140 (with wheels)
1500 L * 600 D * 900 H $150 (with wheels)
1750 L * 600 D * 900 H $160 (with wheels)
2000 L * 600 D * 900 H $170 (with wheels)
2400 L * 600 D * 900 H $200 (with wheels)

Garage Shelving

2 Layers – Work Bench

Heavy duty 1200kg WorkBench with Timber layers

1400 L * 650 D * 900 H $228
2000 L * 650 D * 900 H $328

Garage Shelving layerblackshelf

200KG / layer Black Shelf

2000 H * 600 W * 2000mm L $200


200KG / layer Grey Shelf

2000 H * 600 W * 2000mm L $200

2000 H * 500 W * 2000mm L $200

2000 H * 400 W * 2000mm L $200

Garage Shelving perlayer

500KG per layer

1500 L * 600 D * 2000 H $298

1500 L * 600 D * 2400 H $328

1500 L * 600 D * 2700 H $358

1500 L * 600 D * 3000 H $388

Garage Shelving layerimg2

500KG per layer

2000 L * 600 D * 2000 H $328

2000 L * 600 D * 2400 H $358

2000 L * 600 D * 2700 H $388

2000 L * 600 D * 3000 H $418

Garage Shelving layerimg1

500KG per layer

2400 L * 600 D * 2000 H $398

2400 L * 600 D * 2400 H $428

2400 L * 600 D * 2700 H $458

2400 L * 600 D * 3000 H $488

Garage Shelving


When it comes to garage shelving and pallet racking in Melbourne, you can’t beat Bens Wholesale. We have become leaders in the industry by providing high quality and reliable garage shelving and pallet racking storage solutions. We provide a comprehensive range of storage solutions that are designed to make your life easier, whether you’re at work or at home. Powder coated and constructed using high-quality steel, our home and commercial shelving solutions can handle any job.

We provide ultimate storage and shelving solutions including long span shelving solutions for your garage, after considering your requirements.

We offer a range of affordable shelving solutions that can be customised to your specific needs. Incredibly durable and long-lasting, they will comfortably stand up to day-to-day use in any commercial or industrial environment, safely holding even the heaviest loads.


Depending on your load requirements, we can provide industrial shelving that can support loads of up to 3 tonnes. We provide shelving and pallet rack shelving solutions suitable for a wide range of applications including warehousing, workshops, storage units, home garages, storerooms, cool rooms, retail stores, sheds and more.

Whatever your shelving or storage needs, we can set you up with sturdy, durable and long-lasting shelving solutions perfectly suited to your home or business.  The size of the garage shelving depends upon your requirements and space available.  Moreover, quality of the storage and shelving is considered as you want your shelving to be durable and long lasting.

Our range include industrial, heavy duty shelving racks along with garage shelving units which are custom designed to hold all of your items, irrespective of their size, shape and quantity. Our designs also feature adjustable shelving to accommodate various types of equipment.


The size and the type of industrial or garage shelving system chosen will determine the cost.  The cost of your storage and shelving system solely depends upon your requirements. We always deliver quality products which provide real value for money.

At our store, you can find affordable garage shelving that doesn’t compromise on quality. We are committed to delivering high-quality yet cost-effective solutions.

Garage Shelving


We offer an extensive selection of garage shelving solutions tailored to meet your exact needs. Our heavy-duty shelving racks and custom-designed garage shelving units are built to accommodate all types of materials, regardless of their weight, size, or quantity. These units employ a straightforward yet remarkably efficient construction method and are crafted from top-quality materials. Additionally, they can be customized to fit any space in your shed or garage. With Bens Wholesale shelving units, you can confidently address all your storage needs.


If you’re looking for a heavy duty work bench, we can help. Our work benches come in a range of sizes and load rating and can be customised according to your requirements. Powder coated and made extra tough from premium quality steel, they feature a timber worktop and can be built to handle the heaviest of loads.

Whether for a commercial workshop or your home garage, our work benches will handle whatever you can throw at them.


If you own a shed or workshop, garage shelving with shelving units, shelving racks becomes vital to minimise clutter, mess and rubbish for optimising and effectively utilising the existing space, and thereby, improving the efficiency, productivity and organisation. Shelves makes it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for in your shed, whenever you need to find it. Our robust and organised garage shelves and racks will systematically and safely sort the available items making its accessible.


Are you looking for pallet racking in Melbourne that won’t break the bank? Our pallet racking systems are affordable and high quality.

As an expert industrial shelving and fencing supplier, contractor and distributor, we can also supply and install a range of products including wrought iron fences, slat fencing, swimming pool fencing, Sliding gate Motor, balustrades and handrails and more.

Get a great deal on the best shelving and pallet racking Melbourne has to offer. To find the right storage solutions for your home, warehouse or retail store, call 0474 111 488 or contact Bens Wholesale online.