Double swing gate motor

Main Features

1. DC 24V low voltage motor that is safe and compatible with back-up power supply.
2. Copper made worm gear driving design ensures the motor longer working life and extremely quiet.
3. Super quick manually release with secure customized key in case of power failure.
4. Soft start and slow stop.
5. Adjustable opening/closing interval time of double gate leaves.
6. Auto-stop if any obstacles detected during operation.
7. Built-in max. Motor running time adjustable for multiple safety protection.
8. Separately adjust the force of double gate leaves.
9. Single leaf or double leaves operation.
10. Easy installation and low maintenance.
11. Lifelong post sales service, 12 Months guarantee.

Swing gate opener control board

Application: Used for double or single swing gate opener.
2. Speed -adjustable function.
3. Auto closing/opening,opening/closing delay time adjustment.
4. Adjustable Residence sensitivity.
5. Terminals available for loop detector, photocell, push button, keypad, access control equipment
6. Digital LED Menu brings a easy setting, plug and play.
7. Open/Close single leaf or double leaves.
8. Total 60’s working time to protect the motors.
9. Encoder For transmitter: Giant own rolling code (customized)
10. Compatible with both electric lock and electromagnetic lock. Extra relay out put for lock of pedestrian door or other external devices.
11. Soft stat and soft stop.
12. To choose photocell NC/NO contact

Product Description

Power Supply220V AC 50HZ / 110V AC 60HZ
Actuator Running Speed1.6 CM/S
Max. Single Leaf Width1.5 M
Electric Motor Power24V 40W*2
Motor Speed250 PRM
Actuator Stroke300MM
Max. Single Leaf Weight150 KG
Protection ClassIP55
Working Temperature-20℃~+50℃