Aluminium Gate
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Our Slat Aluminum fencing Series provides the latest architectural style, combined with a unique installation system, making any work easy.

Double swing gate size with 65mm x 16mm slat

3mL x 1.5m-1.8mH

3.5mLx 1.5m-1.8mH

Fencing Panel size with 65mm x 16mm slat

1.5mL x 1.5-1.8mH

2mL x 1.5-1.8mH

2.4mL x 1.5-1.8mH

3d slat fencing & gate
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At Bens Wholesale we work closely with each of our customers to ensure they find the right product for the job at hand. Our stock range is so extensive we are confident that if our customers can’t find what they’re booking for, then it simply doesn’t exist.

Our services

Our qualified and respected team can deliver fast and efficient installation services for any and all new aluminium slat fencing or gate products. All Bens WholesaleF customers will be left with safe and secure fencing that will last for years to come.